Keynote Speakers

Prof. Zhikui Chen, Dalian University of Technology, China

Dr. Chen Zhikui, professor and doctoral supervisor of Dalian University of technology since November 2007, director of big data Research Institute of Dalian University of technology. Research direction: big data and artificial intelligence. 1998-2007 engaged in scientific research on network and data computing in Hong Kong Baptist University, French Institute of automation, University of Stuttgart, Germany. National projects in recent five years:
National key R & D project, Key technology research for cross domain case filing and collaboration among professional courts (2018YFC083130020, 18.7.1-2021.6.30, with a total funding of 11.15 million yuan);
National key R & D program, Source apportionment and pollution characteristics of heavy metals in farmland and agricultural products (2016YFD08030202016.1.1-2020.12.31);
Key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (technical director), research on management analysis and mining of multi-source heterogeneous big data for "three old" transformation (u13012532014.1-2017.12);
Two general projects of NSFC, research on adaptive depth computing model for land resource feature learning (61672123), Research on few-shots cross-modal learning model for interpretation of land utilization status data (62076047), 2021 / 01-2024 / 12.
Academic achievements and contributions in recent five years:
A series of big data computing theories and algorithms as well as artificial intelligence technology have been created, a big data algorithm library platform has been developed, and an artificial intelligence computing platform has been constructed, which has been applied in engineering practice. Published more than 100 academic papers and more than 50 SCI retrieved journals. 20 invention patents have been applied and 13 have been authorized. Four software copyrights were issued and three books were published. One special award, first award and second award of science and technology progress of Geographic Information Association in 2020,2018,2016; One third award of Huaxia Construction Science and technology in 2021.

Prof. Ernst-ErichTechnische Universität DortmundGermany

*Software Prototyping. We worked basically in the area of set-based programming, where we developed a prototyping systems based on Jack Schwartz’s SETL programming language. This was extended by the tuple based approach to parallel programming (aka the Linda metaphor), and by persistency.
* Requirements Engineering. Our main objective was to carry the prototyping methods to multi media in teaching software engineering, and to provide tools for the work in the humanities as well as archeologists. These latter work entailed developing - informally - a common language for professors in the humanities and archeology and computer scientists, and it meant to give these users outside CS access to data bases and other tools of our trade. Also, we co-developed a new approach to visualize one particular Gothic cathedral in the Rhineland.
* Coalgebras and stochastic systems. We found a way of dealing formally with the problem of bisimilarity of stochastic transition systems via the Giry monad and stochastic selection theory. This work gives some insight into modal logics and concurrent systems, it is highly theoretical and has at most indirect applications to practical programming and to software architecture.
* Data structures. We analyzed the average performance of heap sort and investigated some combinatorial properties of the pertaining data structures.
* Environmental informatics. We co-designed the software architecture of the German system for environmental monitoring natural and artificial radioactivity in cooperation with the federal agency for radiation protection, and the federal ministry of the environment.


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