2023 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Intelligent Algorithms (BDIA 2023)
Submission Deadline

Welcome Prof. Xichuan Hu, Shanghai Maritime University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Xichuan Hu, Shanghai Maritime University, China 

胡西川教授  上海海事大学

He has been engaged in teaching and research in advanced software engineering, artificial intelligence algorithms, big data and other fields for a long time; Complete many kinds of projects; Published many academic papers; There are many patents applied for; There are many academic works published; Cultivate a group of graduate students and all kinds of talents in related majors for the country; Recently, he won the scholarship project supported by the Ministry of education.

长期从事高级软件工程、人工智能算法、大数据等领域的教学和研究工作; 完成许多各类项目;发表许多学术论文;申请有许多专利; 出版有许多学术著作;为国家培养有一批相关专业的研究生及各类人才;近期获得Google支持教育部产学研的奖教金项目。