2023 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Intelligent Algorithms (BDIA 2023)

Dr. Xiaolu Xu, Liaoning Normal University, China


Dr. Xiaolu Xu, Liaoning Normal University, China


The researcher focuses on how to effectively utilize machine learning, deep learning, and other algorithms to extract and leverage medical big data, analyze and predict important features and risks of typical complex diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, and conduct cross-disciplinary research between information science and medicine, thereby providing crucial support for precision medicine. This includes relevant studies on cancer targeted genes and signaling pathways identification, high-dimensional feature selection and sensitivity prediction of anticancer drugs, and prediction of coronary artery disease complications based on machine learning, statistical methods, federated learning, privacy computation, and multi-task learning.

The researcher has participated in four projects including National Natural Science Foundation and Dalian Key R&D Plan, published four SCI papers and two Chinese core papers, and applied for two invention patents (in the stage of substantive examination). The developed data model products have been successfully commercialized with a transformation outcome of over 2 million yuan for the company.